Putting It All Together - The Recap

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2019

CBK SQUAAAAAAAAD!  I hope you all heard that in my voice.  I absolutely enjoy shouting you all out, and screaming Squad to the top of my lungs.  Why?  Because I love my team, and appreciate each of you greatly.   

So, lets pause, and recap on what weve learned this month.  Yes, that means I want you all to physically take a deep breath, sit still for a few minutes, and meditate on what youve learned from each lesson.  Trust me, Im not requesting any of you to do what Im not willing to do.  With that being said, as your Coach, I did the exact same thing.  I took a deep breath, and spent time reflecting on what Ive poured out this month.  

I was very intentional about each lesson I presented, as we are transitioning into a season of learning, developing, training, and being equipped for our season now, and next.  As you take your time pacing yourself, it is very important that you hear the word, write down notes, reflect back later, pray over, review the text provided, and apply it to your life.  Each lesson is geared towards stretching you, and challenging you.  The more you put into learning, the more you will grow.  Growing comes from learning, and application.  Oftentimes, you cant sense your growth, but one of the signs of growth, is you being honest about your ability to learn.  

One of my favorite lessons was being able to lay a solid foundation on the mentor/ mentee relationship.  At this point, you should have a clear understanding of mentors in your life, and how to properly position yourself for mantles.  Mantles are cloaks, and impartations that are released upon you that empowers you to do what you have not been able to do before.  Mantles grant you access to promotion, increase, abundance, and overflow.  When you are mantled for an assignment, you are granted a double portion anointing that prepares you and grace you to excel.  Your mentor is your hammer who has the capacity to break you, and build you.  Have you taken the time to identify the mentors in your life?  If not do so now.   

We also discussed seasons of  transition, and how to discern your seasons and times.  I believe the Spirit of Issachar was released during this lesson.  You ability to discern your seasons.  Often times people mistake transition for warfare, and are stuck warring during a season when they should be moving.  Being skilled to discern your season is a weapon, and it gives you an advantage over the enemy.

 You are able to perceive whats happening in your life, and can become more effective in the spirit.  I learned this one skill that has blessed my life.  Im going to share this nugget with you, and prayerfully this will assist you in the days to come.  I learned to Enjoy my journey seasons.”  In other words, enjoy every season of your life.  Embrace the good, bad and the ugly.  When you learn to embrace your seasons, you develop composure, and your faith is stirred.  This allows you to see, and know that GOD is with you during every season, and regardless of the destinations I find myself, Nothing can separate me from the love of the LORD, and HE who began a good work, will complete it.”  Therefore, class, enjoy your season of transition.  

Be sure to review over the previous video discerning your season, and identify where you are in the spirit.   

Lesson three focused on hearing the voice of GOD.  I provided practical keys on how to hear the voice of GOD.  If you are reading this blog, and havent watched the video, stop and go review lesson three.  Hearing the voice of GOD gives us an advantage, and it is my prayer that as we proceed with class, you become hearers of the voice of GOD.  

Tomorrow lesson will be a recap, so be sure to tune in, and grasp nuggets that will assist you in your journey towards greatness!  

Sophia Ruffin - Coach




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