Branding 301: Brand Identity

Uncategorized May 14, 2019

We have spent a few weeks discussing the difference between brand, and branding.  It was so refreshing to unlock the revelation that You are your brand.”  I put so much emphasis on declaring the importance of you understanding that You are your brand.”  I want you to become solid in who you are, and who GOD called you to be.  This is a time to embrace your uniqueness and individuality.  Oftentimes,  we spend more time building people, that we forget about ourselves during the process.  Its necessary to have a good balance on serving, and praising others; however we cant neglect ourselves in the process.  

Now that I got that off my chest, lets move into this weeks teaching.  Brand Identity.  Although you are your brand, its important to have identity to who you are, what your mission will be, and how your audience will get the information.  Although my name is Sophia Ruffin, I am the founder of CBK Squad, and my audience is able to track me by connecting me to the name of my brand.  The name of your brand, should always connect back to you because you are your brand.”  For example people cant say CBK without thinking of who?  Sophia Ruffin.  Thats good branding, and marketing when you are able to have multiple businesses, logos, themes, etc, and it all connects back to you.  Thats what I want to develop in each of you.  I want you to be so secure in knowing who you are, and what you do that when others think of you or hear about you, it connects them to the proper source, You.”  

Once you have identified the name of your brand, you want to protect it.  This is where Michelle J. Miller will come in, and share with you the importance of trademarking and protecting your brand. (Ill have her complete a video in a few weeks.). After protecting your brand, then you want to define your audience.  How are you grabbing the attention of your audience, what is your mission, and vision? This will assist you with structuring the format of what you are building.  Now dont get overwhelmed.  This could all be done with little to no money . You dont need a following at this time, to accomplish these specific goals. I am giving you strategies on how to build, and prepare regardless of where you are in your process.  

Get ready because this weeks lesson will prepare you on how to link your brand back to you; and how to identify your mission, and vision.  

Im excited to give you everything I got.  Let the Branding Begin.


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