Branding 501: Present Well

Uncategorized May 28, 2019

Presentation is everything.  Presentation is the representation that speaks one word, Value.”  What you value, you will present with excellence.  Presentation has a drawing power, that has the ability to bring your people forth.  If you want to draw people, present well.  People are attracted to what they are able to visually see, and they will invest in what they are drawn to.

What you value, you will present with excellence.  You will become so passionate about what you are presenting to others, that it will stir you to demonstrate your best.  Presenting with excellence will cause you to invest more in yourself, and what GOD has assigned you to do.  Let me take a moment to encourage you, that many of your businesses, and brands are diamonds hidden in the dust.  GOD is beginning to expose you to the power of branding, and embracing the awareness of I am my brand.”  The reason GOD is shining light on your brand at this time, is because its time for the world to see what GOD has done through you .  

If I can teach you one thing, it would be this:  The time has come for you to be ready.  Many of you have spent years preparing, and getting ready; however I believe you are entering a season of Ready.”  You dont want to present well once you get there; begin presenting well now.  Demonstrate your value and your worth, while you are still slightly hidden.  Trust me, Im not teaching you anything Im not doing.  As a coach, I am striving to enhance more, and more by presenting well, and investing in the brand GOD has entrusted me to present to the world.  Therefore; take heed of this word, Your time is here, present well, and be ready.”  

Many of you will begin to attract your audience, the people who are called to you, the moment you stop presenting on the level you are on, and begin presenting on the level GOD is preparing to bring you into.  

This weeks lesson will challenge you, and stretch you to Present Well.  



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