Break Open The Text!

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

Reading to Read is one of my favorite past times.  Being able to break open the text, and read because I love the word is life to me.  I can remember the years, I would read to prepare for sermons, and after experiencing this method, I grew exhausted from reading, and reading was no longer a joy.  I am an avid reader of the word, and GOD enjoyed me reading to read over me reading to teach.  Once I mastered the art of reading because I enjoyed studying the word for me, GOD began trusting me with more revelation, and insight of his word.  The WORD unlocked, and GOD began to share so much of HIS Word with me.  Once you're trusted with studying privately, GOD opens up the scripture for you too teach publicly.  

When I said reading to read.  What I mean by that is taking your time to enjoy the text.  Reading, drawing; highlighting, and finding pleasure in gaining insight scripturally.  Being a student of the word, and allowing the Holy Spirit to teach you is the beginning process of you becoming an excellent teacher.  To often people are inspired to teach, before they become students.  One of my secrets is being a student of the word, and enjoying the word.  This is how I am trusted with insight. I engaged the text to become a better me, and I was later trusted with engaging the text for others.  

 I want you all to fall in love with the scripture.  I want you to enjoy reading the word, and I want you to find your greatest revelation when you study for you first.  The greatest preachers are those who address the text as students.  Are you ready to engage the text?  Your study habits have the power to open doors, and release unknown demands upon your life.   The greater the revelation, the greater the demand.  Many want doors, but the secret to the open door, is how you partner with the Word.  Now gooooo Study! 



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