Uncategorized Feb 05, 2020

Deliverance is one of my favorite subjects to discuss. I’m often asked the personal question on how I stay free. When I’m asked this question, I get excited because it allows me to point to my Savior. It gives me an opportunity to make GOD bigger & allows me to brag on the faithfulness of GOD. What I enjoy most is being able to elaborate on the benefits of salvation.

One of the greatest benefits of salvation is Freedom in Christ. Having the opportunity to be born again; to become a new creature in Christ where old things pass away, and everything becomes new. Just pause and meditate on that! The fact that you’re able to be born again ought to excite you. I know it excited me!

I also love discussing practical ways you’re able to maintain your freedom, and walk without torment. Often times when we are delivered; regardless of what you’re delivered from, there is a grieving period, and a process. You will experience the loss of what you gave up. In that experience you will go through a process, where you will learn to embrace your New Identity in Christ.

And this is where it gets interesting. I’ll elaborate more in class tomorrow.


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