Preparing The Preacher Within You!

Uncategorized May 05, 2020

Have you ever heard the statement, Practice makes Perfect?  To be honest, that's one of my favorite quotes.  Not because of the words, but because of the Truth.  These words carry weight.  I apply this principle to my life as a minister, and have literally lived a life of "Practice" when it comes to my preaching development.  Some of you are probably murmuring, "Coach I'm not a preacher."  Well let me set the record straight.  Preaching is not pulpit, preaching is not clergy collar; preaching is breath.  Being willing to use the breath GOD has loaned you, to complete the assignment that was placed on your life before the foundation of the world.  Therefore; your breath has an assignment, and although you may not be labeled a preacher, you need to prepared for future assignments. 

I laugh when I look back over my life, and the years I spent studying scripture, preparing without a clue of what I was preparing for.  I would sit on my stairs for hour reading scripture, reading books, and mind mapping.  I had no clue GOD had an assignment for me up HIS sleeves.  The coach you see today, was a hungry student searching the scripture for answers, and overtime I developed into the person you see today.  If I can be honest, I not only practice studying, I also practice preaching.  As we prepare to dive into this month series, you will hear more of my preaching development testimony.  

Meanwhile, get excited because in tomorrow's class you will begin the journey of unlocking the preacher within.  Stir yourself up, get excited, I am bringing my study time right into your home. 


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