Unlocking The Supernatural

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2020

Have you ever experienced a supernatural manifestation?  What were your thoughts, and how did you respond?  Just ponder for a moment, and jot down, how you responded to the supernatural realm.  I can recall encountering the supernatural realm, and wondering, how did I get here, and how can I have this encounter again.  Often times, people experience the supernatural realm once or twice, then have a difficult time tapping back into that dimension.  I thought it was a realm for the elect, or for the super deep, so I would try my best to get in the deep; however I would come out with tongues; exhaustion, and a sweaty forehead.  I was trying to hard to get into a place, that Holy Spirit had already granted me access into.  I needed to know the mysteries of the supernatural, and master the art of unlocking supernatural portals without being spooky; weird, or off.  

There are supernatural keys that unlock supernatural portals.  These keys will grant you access directly into the realm of the spirit.  These keys you already possess; however you must learn which key to use to unlock the portals of the spirit.  GOD has given us so many tools to get into HIS presence.  Holy Spirit wants us to be in HIS presence, and has a desire to display HIS glory; beauty, and majesty.  I believe we are moving into a supernatural season, where you will experience GOD in ways beyond your understanding.  

I don't want you to just experience glory.  I want you to learn how to be a host of the presence.  Tomorrow's class will be loaded with content on how to get into the supernatural realm on command.  You will not just stumble into the glory, you will intentionally invite heaven on earth, and will be a host of glory.  


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