A Blank Canvas!

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2020

Get ready to work with a Blank Canvas.  Get ready for everything to be removed out of the way, so GOD can route back to the original intent in which you were born.  Get ready for the nails in your life to be removed; the damaged walls in your life to come down, and the crazy things you put up all in the name of protecting yourself.  It's time to become vulnerable, and it's time to allow GOD to place us under construction, so HE can get the glory out of our lives.  Pause, and consider becoming a blank canvas. In other words, get ready for the coast in your life to be made clear.  You have places to go, people to meet, and things to do.  Your life is on assignment!  

A blank canvas is a place of peace, a place of opportunity, and a place of clarity. In this place, there will be some uncertainty, and maybe even some fear.  But be not afraid, GOD is with you.  He got you.  You won't crumble or go under.  Your story is coming to pass, the story that GOD wrote about you before He even formed you.  A blank canvas.  

The way to unlock the next dimension in your life, and get back to a place of a blank canvas, you must speak in your heavenly language.  You must open your mouth, and allow Holy Spirit to pray through you.  You need to return to Jude 1:20.  

Tomorrow in class, I'll be sharing more on a blank canvas.  Get ready, your story is ready to come forth.  


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