The Benefits of Serving

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2021

A servant leader is an individual who fulfills the call of GOD on their life by assisting others to achieve their goals without hidden motives or agendas. These individuals serve at a high capacity and take on the role and assignments with a GODLY attitude as if the assignment was their own. These individuals sometimes utilize their own resources, tools, funds, and connections to help the individual they are serving to rise to the top. 

There is a misconception that servants are often last and forsake their vision for the individual they are serving. However, Matthew 23:11 says the greatest among you will be servants. There are three benefits to serving: 

  1. Serving unlocks what’s been locked up- Imagine locking your keys in the car and trying to do everything that you can to get the keys out. Then you finally realize that you need assistance. This is an analogy of what happens when you serve others. The thing that you have been trying to unlock on your own becomes unlock when you serve others. You will be awakened and GOD will create rivers in a dry wasteland. You will begin to see doors open for you that only serving will unlock.  
  2. Serving Others will promote you - When you serve others, you will discover your purpose and fulfill it. Being able to serve others will ignite your vision. It sharpens you, helps you discover what you are truly called to do, and spotlights you. When you serve, you will begin to see that your name is highlighted and mentioned more and among people and places that you have not entered into. (Many talented and gifted people will never get the attention they deserve because they refuse to serve). The moment you refuse to serve is the moment you refuse to be promoted. 
  3. Serving will Grant you Favor with Man- When you serve, your gift is making room for you and putting you in the presence of the right people. There are doors and access that you will not be able to get in on your own until someone presents you or can speak well about you. Seeing the doors does not mean access. Sometimes you need people to escort you in, put you on the guest list, or help you get in the doors. 
  4. Serving develops you for your next level. There are things that you find out about yourself that you like and don’t when you serve others. Whatever you discover during those times is what GOD either wants to highlight or develop.  

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