The Mystery Of Serving

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2021

I remember reading Luke 9: 46-48 when I first gave my life to Christ.  One of the first things I did, was read the Gospel, and read the letters in Red.  I felt like knowing the words of Jesus was the wisest thing I could do, especially being young in the Lord, and having a desire to live right.  Reading the Gospel, and focusing on the letters in red blessed my life.  If I could be transparent, these words really stood out because you all know I come from an athletic/prophetic background, and the first thing I wanted to know is how I could be great.  (Don't judge me.)  To my surprise, greatness wasn't based on my skill, gift or abilities.  Greatness was measured by what I could do to make others better, and my ability to serve.  Even in my basketball career, my position was point guard, so I was responsible for being a play maker, and making those around me better.  If I could be honest, I never knew basketball knowledge, would bring me so much spiritual revelation, and clarity.  ( Pause:  Now think of what you do naturally, and how it can add value to your revelation spiritually.) 

Serving is powerful, and carries a great mystery regarding elevation, and promotion.  It's amazing how you could serve others, and you prosper.  You making someone else better by being an asset to them, and GOD promotes, and elevates you.  How powerful is that?  In a generation, and time we are living in, where everyone is about themselves, and making themselves better it's mysterious how the secret to success is about what you can do to make someone else better.  This mystery is kingdom, and is the key to supernatural promotion.  When the disciples began to argue about who would be the greatest.  Jesus knew their thoughts, and said whoever is the least among you is the greatest.  In other translations, He declares whoever serves, is the greatest.  This passage is the key to success, greatness, and breakthrough.  

In this blog, I wanted to pull out this passage to stir you, and challenge you to find others you can serve.  I want you to find ways to serve, and lend your gift to be a blessing to someone else.  I want you to be intentional about serving, so you can experience supernatural elevation, and promotion.  

I declare greatness over each of you.  I call you great.  I declare these will be the days of greatness.  Your serving will not go unnoticed, or be in vain.  




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