Apostolic Measure

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2019

So you guys, Ive been speaking on Metron for the past few weeks, and I am stirred.  Are you stirred up?  Are you coming into alignment with your purpose, the more you hear about Metron?  Well if not, you better, because Metron will be a crucial key in unlocking your destiny.  As you know, Ive been ministering prophetically on whats ahead 20/20, and to be honest knowing your Metron (sphere of authority) is the key to you coming into the right alignment with what GOD has destined for your life. 

I want to speak on Apostolic Measure.  Apostolic represents more than a title, but its a function.  Meaning to build, plant, establish, and to set into order.  Its governmental, and these are the days you all are being thrusted into your apostolic measure.  I know youre eager to learn more, and suddenly, youre wanting to read more; however this is a teaser, because the lesson will breakdown the true meaning of Apostolic Measure, and how it connects with what GOD is prepared to do through you.  

 In class you will learn your measure, the depth of your assignment, and how to build, plant, establish, and govern what you have been ordained to do.  This is going to be a very intensive class to close out this series.  I pray you all have enjoyed this series, if so leave feedback on the CBK group page.  


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