Bloom Forth

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2020

We are already halfway through the year, and if you have been attentively listening to every prophetic word this year, then you should be rejoicing. We began the year strong with a powerful word, Out the Blue.  If I could be honest, we are living through an out the blue time.  This season has been one of unexpectancy; suddenly, and caught by surprise.  This is a very prophetic time we are in, and as I have mentioned before, this is the time of a divine reset.  Being reset back to the original intent in which you were sent into the earth.  We then declared this will be a Year where “It will be GOD; Ephesians 320, Yahweh Remembers, and Jaw Dropping.  As I add up these words, I want to encourage you, that it’s your time.  CBK it’s our time.  We have all been through the wilderness, delivered out of Egypt, now it’s time to experience harvest, and promise.  It’s not by surprise we began a series on the supernatural.  This is a time to activate what rightfully belongs to you.  I am very intentional about my teachings, and it is my desire to push you into your divine destiny.  I want you to access, and possess all GOD has already promised you.  It's already been written.  

This week, I am exhorting you in class.  I wanted to take time to thank you, and give you time to recap all that I have poured out over the past 6 months.  Each lesson is for preparation.  It’s a time to prepare, and be ready.  This month I am hearing the word bloom, and hearing GOD declare for me to continue with teaching on the Supernatural, especially the gift of speaking in tongues.  I am believing that this month, you all will experience a fresh bloom, and a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of GOD.  

Get ready.  Class will be in session tomorrow, and we are gearing up for a month of outpouring.  No matter what your situation is, it can change, and it will change.  Use your resources, all my teachings to help catapult you into your divine purpose. 

Because It will be GOD. 


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