I can't stop teaching on Holy Spirit!

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2020

Just when I thought it was time to move forward into a new series, Holy Spirit stopped me in my track, and declared, "Don't Stop talking about ME."  I was in awe , and amazed that Holy Spirit has enjoyed being apart of our class, and enjoying the response from each of you.  I was planning to teach on Blooming, and how to Bloom; however there is no blooming without Holy Spirit assistance.  So, we are in for a treat the next few weeks.  I will be bringing more insight on Holy Spirit, the mysteries of speaking in tongues, and strategies to help you unlock your purpose.  

I hope you know that I am invested in you being unlocked.  I want each of you to know that it is my heart for you to walk into your purpose, and into your destiny.  GOD is serious about performing the word HE spoke over us before the foundation of the world.  GOD is invested in each of us.  HE wants the best for us, and desires to see HIS word come alive in us.  As a coach it is my assignment to help you bring heaven to earth.  I am excited to be trusted with teaching on Holy Spirit, and witnessing the glory of GOD be made manifest in and through each of you.  

Holy Spirit is the key to a fulfilled life.  He is the key to unlocking the very mind, and thoughts of GOD.  Therefore; get ready because you are in for a treat.  This month class will be full of glory, full of awe, and full of you encountering heaven on earth right from your home.  


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