Sermons VS. Revelation!

Uncategorized May 20, 2020

It's one thing to break the text for a sermon; but it's another thing to break the text for revelation.  Sermon seekers only search the text for a message for others; while revelation seekers, search the scripture for personal relationship; development, and growth.  Sermon seekers are easily recognized, as they are only able to teach from a surface perspective.  They are eager to teach the first thing they see, or hear in the word.  They never grasp the text for themselves; they are seeking to preach.  GOD never intended for us to study for preaching.  HE provided us with HIS Spirit to teach us, and lead us into all Truth.  The bible is for us to build a personal relationship with the WORD, and become students under the tutelage of HIS Spirit.  

We are supposed to be revelation seekers.  Seeking GOD for enlightenment of the WORD, so we can personally develop.  As we develop, we will preach, and teach from our overflow.  Those who break the text, and get revelation,  should continue to dig deep, ask questions, be inquisitive, enjoy learning, and shift into unlocking the mysteries of HIS Spirit.  Once you master the art of breaking the text, you will find yourself moving in demand.  The Holy Spirit will add value to you, and supernaturally new opportunities will be open unto you.  The greater the revelation, the greater the demand.  Many ask what's my secret sauce, and my answer is this: Break the Text. 

Get ready to break the text, and go deeper.  Class will be in session tomorrow. 


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