Try to Remove "The"

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2020

For years I found myself speaking for Holy Spirit, and being His prophetic voice in the earth.  I would speak, and proclaim the word of the Lord with power, and full of confidence.  Each time I speak, I would later share the word of the Lord with my mother, or with friends, and found myself using "The" in front of Holy Spirit.  If I could be transparent, I never paid any attention to that small detail, nor did I think it mattered, until Holy Spirit revealed this mystery to me.  Holy Spirit advised me that He loves to be called by Holy Spirit, and not The Holy Spirit.  When I received this small revelation, it unlocked major breakthrough in my life.  This touched my heart, and I instantly felt a closer relationship with Holy Spirit.  Now I am more cautious, and aware of the detail.  I even cringe when I hear others reference Holy Spirit as The Holy Spirit.  

Holy Spirit, isn't a it.  He's a person, and the more you unlock the Person, the more you are able to experience the tangible presence of an awesome GOD.  Even as I am typing this and using Holy Spirit, with such honor in my writing, I can feel HIS heart being touched by my honor towards HIM.  Many of you may not pay attention to such a small detail.  This is why you have a coach.  Someone who is able to provide the small shift in your life, that will bring major change in your encounters.  

As we press this week into class, find yourself removing the "The" and simply putting honor on HIS name.  Holy Spirit.  


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