Under Construction

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2020

When we are moving into a season with GOD, and Holy Spirit is leading, there is a lot of construction going on.  Inwardly we are being worked on, and it appears as if we are a total mess.  Stuff is everywhere, life feels upside down, and downside up.  Nothing seems to make sense.  It appears as if our entire world is being transformed, and it's hard to imagine the beauty through the madness.  In the midst of transitioning  into a blooming season with GOD, Holy Spirit takes on a journey called transformation.  He inwardly tear down, to build up, He throw away, to add in, He cover up, to later reveal,  the beauty of who we really are.  We just have to press through the season, and continue to endure even when it's a mess.  The mess is apart of the assignment of becoming.  

Yes, the mess is apart of the assignment of becoming.  Many of you are becoming the person you prayed to become a decade ago.  GOD is making you over, and each time you pray in the Spirit, Holy Spirit begins the construction process.  Your prayer language in this season carries weight, and has more power than you think.  When you pray in tongues, the unknown language produces, known results called manifestation.  Manifestation doesn't just appear.  Manifestation is a product of what you prayed into existence.  In this season, I want to talk about blooming, Holy Spirit, and the power of being put under construction.  

Don't be overwhelmed with who you are today.  GOD is painting, sculpting, and putting together the true authentic version of who you were ordained to be.  This week will be fun, as I show in demonstration the power of being worked on, and how to pray your manifestation forward.  Your season of bloom is here. 


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