Warfare and Tongues

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2020

Have you ever heard the scripture, "This battle is not yours, but belongs to the Lord."  If not you need to read 2 Chronicles 20:15.  The Lord is advising the people of Judah not to be afraid.  Not to worry or be dismayed, because the battle they were facing did not belong to them, but belonged to the Lord.  I know I have quoted this scripture over, and over.  However; this scripture didn't hit home, until I discerned the secret of warfare.  

Have you ever been in such a battle, until your nervous system was thrown out of whack.  You began to panic, have anxiety, and feel a sense of defeat.  Well, I been there, and done it, and declared I won't enter any battles alone moving forward.  Once I was reminded that greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world, everything changed. I began to view warfare from a different perspective.  That's why when you hear me declare, "Devil you in trouble," I mean it.  I am not just saying something to say it.  

So here's the key to get out of any battle.  Are you ready to find out?  Do you really want to know, how to get out of any battle, and reset your emotions.  Holy Spirit is the key.  Holy Spirit is the answer for everything.  Holy Spirit has given us language for war.  He has given us the ability to access His language to defeat any adversary that comes near us.  Tongues is your weapon.  Praying in the Holy Ghost is the key to defeat hell, and push back darkness.  You can war, and have peace. Did you hear me.  I said, you can war, and have peace.  This is the last season warfare steals your peace.  

Praying in the Spirit is the key.  Tomorrow in class I will continue with teaching on tongues.  For those of you who are believing GOD for your infilling, I am here to tell you, you won't leave this series without the manifestation.  


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