Discerning Your Seasons

Apr 09, 2019

Have you ever heard the statement, Its a new Season.”  How about one of the most exciting prophecies that ring in your ear personally, as one shouts, Youre about to enter into a brand new season.”  I can recall shouting, leaping, and jumping, while declaring, A new season upon my life.”  I received the prophecy, and didnt think twice about it.  

New Seasons are amazing, and I believe we should always enter into a new season.  There are some people who have the anointing, to assist others with breaking into new seasons.  Often times when we find ourselves complacent, settled, or familiar with an old season, GOD will speak, and shift us into a new season, or He will use others who has the weight and power in the spirit to break us into a new season.  

I believe this squad has entered a new season.  And I declare that each of you are entering into a new season.  

A new season simply...

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Relationship Between Elisha and Elijah

Apr 02, 2019

Elisha was called whiled plowing, and while plowing Elijah passed by him and threw his mantle upon him.  I found it very intriguing that Elisha received his mantle while plowing.   

SYN of Plowing:  bulldoze; cultivate; rake; reap; smash; break; farm; push; till.   

Plowing means = to turn up the earth ( an are of land) with a plow, especially before sowing.   

Elisha was working.  He was plowing, bulldozing, and cultivating an area.  When Elisha received his mantle, He was doing something.  After receiving the mantle, Elisha realized that something in his life shifted, and this resulted in a response.  Elisha decided to follow Elijah.  

This is very powerful, as many of you are plowing, and already doing the work.  GOD is sending people in your life, people such as your coach, who has the power to see you work, and mantle you in the process.  Many of you have already received an impartation, and your life...

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